Club Street Wine Room is a friendly, cozy place where wine drinkers and foodies can go any time for a glass of wine and a hearty meal cooked over a woodfire.

We have a diverse wine list that appeals to traditionalists, natural wine lovers, and for those who like to try new things. We want you to explore, experiment, and have fun.

Come hang out with us for a swirling good time!


"Great spot to try some unique wine, the venue is super stylish, the snacks are great!"

- Chef Angelo Rosso

"Food was great, nice ambiance, generous serving, attentive staff. Will be back!"

- Jerome Jude

“Many wine bars proclaim that they are not snobbish, but Club Street Wine Room walks the talk by introducing bar counter seating that mimics the way cocktail bars operate. The wine selection is varied and top-notch, too.”

- Dannon Har/Tatler Asia

"Club Street Wine Room is also the first in Asia to offer a style of fermented wine that is transported in terracotta clay vessels (Chateau Kefraya Collection Amphora 2018). From the kitchen, expect the same playful approach to the bar bites offerings."

- Timeout